17 ways to lift your spirit

So even if you feel like you have no time, spend fifteen minutes to put stuff away and create a quiet surrounding. It may seem counter intuitive, because of course you want to sleep as much as you can.

25 Ways to Uplift Your Spirit

My team and I had an ever-growing amount of projects with insane standards we were handling. Wear your favorite piece of clothing.

25 Ways to Uplift Your Spirit

Get yourself an attitude of gratitude. You need to start saying no, way before you reach your limit. Eventually, I realized that this was extremely damaging to me and my loved ones.

Running from Clarkdale to Perkinsville, the Verde Canyon Railroad is a stress-free four-hour wilderness adventure…at 12 mph. That could mean hopping on a plane or taking a bus somewhere. In fact, one reason researchers think the rate of depression has skyrocketed in this country is that we get so few omega-3 fatty acids in our diets.

7 Ways to Lift Your Spirits on a Bad Day

If you are feeling under the weather emotionally, you should feel no shame in it and take care of yourself the same way you would if you were physically ill. No one was watching.

Regular social contact with a close friend may boost self-confidence and encourage you to make other positive changes that will help lift depression, such as starting an exercise program. Another study of 84 depressed pregnant women found those who received two minute massages a week from their partners reduced their incidence of depression 70 percent.

Is dinner slightly overcooked? I get a bit of joy every time I put on my favorite blue sweater. If anything, you are growing stronger and more resilient during tough times. Maybe you are being hard on yourself for slacking on a project. Take milligrams of chromium picolinate a day if you have depression and insulin resistance.

Have a warm cup of tea or hot beverage.Volunteer. Helping others is a sure way to feel good and know that you are making a difference in the world. Join a group. Being around other people with similar interests can lift your spirit.

Join a mt. bike club or a spiritual or church group, maybe join a workout club or art guild. Try reading a website that has good news for a change. But rare is the person who doesnt encounter times of major loss or challenge along the way. And for millions of people, the path of life occasionally takes us through the dark regions of depression.

Often it is a negative event, or a sequence of events, that triggers this condition. 17 Positive Life Quotes to Lift Your Spirit Hoopoe Sparrow 01 July When you feel you need to put an end to your gloomy mood and negative thoughts, check out this collection of 17 positive life quotes which will help you lift your spirit and increase your morale.

17 Ways to Raise your Vibration Fast: 1. Say NO to something that drains your energy. 2. Eat more raw stuff: The more natural the food, the higher the vibration. It’s all about the plants baby. 3.

How To Lift Your Spirits When You're Feeling Down

Meditate: This is by far my fave way to raise your vibe (download a free Sourcing meditation here). 5. State out loud what you are grateful for. First thing in the morning, lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge of your bed. iStock/nesharm.

Grip a 5- or pound dumbbell with both hands and extend it behind your head, letting your arms hang down toward the floor.

Take 10 deep breaths, trying to expand your rib cage as much as possible. And throughout these hard times you have to keep your positive attitude.

You have to keep trying.

17 Things To Do To Lift Your Spirits Today [GIFS]

You are capable of going through it, no matter how hard it seems. Brighter side of life is closer than you might think.

10 Great Ways to Lift Your Spirits

To help you lift your spirit, here are some of my favorite quotes I often remember in times like those.

17 ways to lift your spirit
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