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The example below uses hard-coded values for a parameter that filters the report based on the country name, but in reality you can substitute these hard-coded values with any values you like.

The If-Then-Else combination is the cornerstone of much computer programming code, so once you learn If-Then-Else concepts, you ll be on your way to performing really sophisticated report customization.

In your left side, you can see Field Explorer. I would welcome any suggestions on how I can make this work. Here you can see number of chart formats. Here you will have to choose the data source for report by specifying Data connection details.

Sample Chapter Excerpts Find out about all the great features in this book by reading excerpts from the following chapters.

Crystal Reports tutorial

First, you have to use the correct parameter type. The other features of Crystal Reports are: Country is a string field, you need to compare it to a string literal, enclosed in quotation marks or apostrophes just quotation marks in Basic syntax. Figure 6 Add all the columns one by one and set the correct data type.

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Add the following code to the click handler of a button, the load handler of a form, or any other method that is applicable in your situation: Total number of ratings: Valentina Reports is a royalty free reporting system that lets….

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NET and select a new Visual Basic. So select Marks field from first combo box.

Passing Multiple Parameters to a Crystal Report Programmatically

Please note that this Data Table column names and data types should be the same as your table in database. New users will quickly get up to speed on reporting fundamentals. You ll find a Comparisons section of the box that, when opened, shows operators that test for equal, less than, greater than, and other combinations of conditions.

So to change the data type, see the below Figure 7. Notice that you re not limited to one If, Then, or Else clause in a formula. Shipped in 1 days While this probably won t mean your dismissal from the report development team, why not go one easy step further to make the report look even better?

Chapter 1 - Introducing Crystal Reports. Now follow the below Figure 32 to edit the sub report. Professional XI Reports Make your reporting projects a success with this comprehensive, tutorial based guide.After reading Crystal Reports: A Beginner's Guide, my knowledge of Crystal Reports has vastly increased though I still have little experience with actually creating reports.

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Comment Report abuse. Barefoot. out of 5 stars Very helpful book/5(12). Jul 02,  · I have a crystal report viewer control that loads a report dynamically based on input. Locally (on development machine), the app runs perfectly. I can see the report. Crystal Reports is a tool for creating dynamic and powerful presentations and reports.

The reports can be made in up to 24 international languages. The best about Crystal Reports is that it almost turns any data into an interactive report that can be accessed online.

Crystal Reports and Excel have very different methods and data structures. When exporting format, Crystal has to make many compromises and judgement calls. When exporting format, Crystal has to make many compromises and judgement calls.

I'm new to Crystal Reports and was interested in finding out what books would be most helpful. I'm planning on using the Designer as well as integrating Crystal Reports with C# application.

Crystal Reports Server is an enterprise reporting solution that helps create, manage, and deliver reports over the web or embedded them in enterprise applications using SDK. Crystal Reports Server is designed and supplied to support departmental or workgroup requirements and is ideal for mid-sized and small companies.

Crystal report book
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