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Also commonly referred to as Fluorescent, these materials will certainly get noticed! A few papers are coated for double-sided printing. Regardless of the semantics, matte papers will generally have duller colors and less contrast than semi-gloss or glossy papers.

Metallic Cover - Gold The gold metallic cover features a golden yellow color tone and a faux metallic coating which gives this cover stock a unique shimmer when light is reflected off of it.

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Plastic substrates also exist. Bright Blue The 65 bright blue cover stock features a smooth finish like that of the cover laser white cover stocks. But not limited to silver. Matte and glossy prints typically feel different to the touch, but when displayed under glass they often look similar.

For a bright look, try using pure Semi gloss paper glossy card stock. Glossy photo paper, generally the most popular, has a shiny finish that gives photos a vivid look.

For all types of paper, printer driver settings must be adjusted to suit the paper, so that the printer delivers the right amount of ink. For inkjet printing, this dulls edges of lines and graphic boundaries, and lessens pigment intensity. Photo papers for more critical work are thicker and have advanced coatings, sometimes with quick-drying properties.

These papers are also unsuitable for photographic work because standard office paper is usually not "white" enough.

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Will also work in Firefox under Windows 7 bit and Windows Vista bit. The semi-gloss coating adds a slight shine to the finished product.

Paper is manufactured by forming pulp fibers into a mat on an open mesh screen a deckleand then drying and pressing this mat into paper.

Visit Downloads to access these templates. Scrim Vinyl Great for short-term outdoor use. This paper is perfect for high-end marketing collateral, advertising, annual reports and photo books, short run catalogs and magazines, brochures and more.

Certain exceptions may apply. In this case study 13 samples were visually ranked from mat to high gloss and measured with the 3 specified geometries. Of course, that will cause a corresponding increase in ink consumption.

Semi-gloss Photo Paper

NET Framework 4 is required. Photo print speeds are based on the standard mode driver setting using photo test pattern s and select Canon Photo Paper. Luster Luster papers are shiny, but less so than glossy papers.

Requires special consideration when printing More difficult to handle — fingerprints can appear very obvious Bright lights can cause glare and make it difficult to read or view your materials Not ideal for mounting behind glass — the glossy finish can stick to the glass surface.Product Features High-gloss resin coating for the look and feel of a traditional photograph.

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The BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Semi-Gloss Interior Paint and Primer in One features Nanoguard technology and a high-quality. Raw-material formulation to protect interior surfaces and provide a long-lasting easy-clean, radiant, sleek finish. The mildew-resistant combination paint and primer offers Price: $ HP Designjet Large Format Instant-Dry Semi-Gloss Photo Paper is created to work with HP Designjet printers, print cartridges to deliver sharper print quality and colors that stay true and vivid.

Canon's Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, is a satin finish paper with the texture of real photographic paper.

This high quality paper produces brilliant photographs with reduced glossiness for a softer finish. The Marrutt Traditional Baryta Hi-White Semi Gloss Paper has a brilliant white base and glossy textured finish reminiscent of traditional darkroom fibre-based papers.

Semi gloss photo paper is a great choice for colorful photo prints that will be frequently handled. The surface of semi gloss photo paper has a noticeable sheen but the prints don’t show as much dust or fingerprints as a glossy photo paper.

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Semi gloss paper
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